April 8 The End of Doombalaya

It is with a heavy heart that we announce, after about a decade-long run, the end of Doombalaya. Life changes mean that the Doom must stop - for now at least. But we're going out with a bang! May is the month of the Doom; we've got a two-part goodbye for you. On May 7th we'll be at our old stomping grounds, the Hi-Ho Lounge, for one last time as part of the Common Tone Series. We'll be debuting some NEW MUSIC for ya. We'll also be releasing Doggy Day Dreams: a vinyl filled with nothing but songs about dogs! And then on May 9th we're hosting a house party; we'll celebrate the run, not mourn the loss. Watch this page for more details on that. And then get ready y'all - we're hitting the studio right after these shows. We may not play together for a long time but you'll still be getting some new music from us for a little. It's the Doom that just keeps on dooming. Thanks for being a part of the Doom Squad all of these years. Now help us go out right - don't miss these final two shows!

June 21 Music on the Horizon

Get your doom rags ready, ya'll - we've got some new stuff coming your way. We've been cooking up a special package for you for a while now. We don't want to give anything away yet, but let's just say you'll want to check your record player and have your favorite furry friend at the ready...




The Hi-Ho Lounge

Common Tone Music Series


December 20 Doombalaya Pants on Fiya

It is our absolute pleasure to present you with our newest album, Doombalaya Pants on Fiya. This is our best and most eclectic album to date featuring the compositions of 3 songwriters spanning a variety of genres including modern jazz, traditional Zambian, progressive rock, classical fugue, funk, hip hop, and more. We've even got a crazy Radiohead arrangement on there. Pants on Fiya was released on January 13 at The AllWays Lounge. It's available for purchase, download, and streaming on Spotify, Google Play, CD Baby, and Youtube.

October 21  Doom Gets Nostalgic

We've just announced one of our most interesting shows yet at The Howlin Wolf on November 17: Mixtape 1976. We'll be playing arrangements of songs from '76 with The Nigel Hall Band. Don't miss this! Buy tickets here. We'd also like to give a shout out to The Soul Stoned; we had a blast being in an interview with them. Read about it here.



House Party - 1908 Dauphine St.





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