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December 10 "A Very Kosher Christmas" Released

Happy holidays from all of us at Doombalaya to all y'all out there! It is our absolute pleasure to give you the gift of "A Very Kosher Christmas." This is available for purchase and streaming on all major platforms including Bandcamp, Spotify, Apple Music, Amazon Music, and more! This EP has 2 Hanukkah songs and a country Christmas tune - showcasing the songwriting of David Bode, Ari Kohn, and Ethan Stern. "A Very Kosher Christmas" is eclectic and sure to fill you with those December warm and fuzzies. So put on a onesie, curl up next to a fire, drink some hot chocolate, and unwrap this present! It also makes a great last-minute gift - just saying...

artwork by Elaine Chen

September 29 "Bad Hombres" Released


Oh you thought we were done? We just released the "Bad Hombres" single. It is available for purchase and to stream on all major platforms. "Bad Hombres" is heavily inspired by musical cultures of Cuba and Puerto Rico. Read the words of our collaborating visual artist, Cynthia Ramirez:

"The imagery is based on the traffic signs on the side of the road along the border. “Watch out for fleeing families.” The flags on top are the blending of the US & Mexican. My family is from south Texas where people used to come and go across the Rio Grande as if there was no border. The three skulls on the top speak, see, and hear no evil. What is going on at the border is an atrocity. Some Americans choose to ignore the separation of families, unlawful imprisonment, and death, so they can feel "safe." Ignorance is bliss, I guess. Hanging in the middle of the piece is a Santa Muerte medallion, which is an image that is seen all along the border. Altars to her are found in the desert as a protective symbol to all who are migrating."

altar by Cynthia Ramirez

photography by Jason Kruppa

Final Art.jpg
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